1/13: The Warming House, Minneapolis, MN

1/19: 331 Club, Minneapolis, MN

3/17: The Warming House, Minneapolis, MN

3/18: The Root Note, La Crosse, WI

3/25: Forager Brewery, Rochester, MN

4/12: Icehouse (w/ Rachel Kurtz), Minneapolis, MN

4/28: Mid West Music Fest, Winona, MN

5/6: Aster Cafe, Minneapolis, MN

5/13: 331 club, Minneapolis, MN

5/31: Amsterdam Bar,  St. Paul, MN

7/6: Turf Club (w/ Andrew Combs), St. Paul, MN

7/15: The Country, Nashville, TN

7/19: Nirvana, Louisville, KY

7/20: Elbo Room. Chicago, IL

7/21: Tonic Tavern, (w/ Zach Pietrini), Milwaukee, WI

7/22: Art Bar (w/ Zach Pietrini), Milwaukee, WI

8/3: Icehouse w/ Ben Lubeck (vinyl release) Minneapolis, MN

8/4: Third Street Brewhouse, Cold Spring, MN

8/9: “Music from Hell” with Barb Abney. Hell’s Kitchen, Minneapolis, MN

9/7: Turf Club, St. Paul, MN

9/13: MPLS downtown street performance (City Sanctioned)

9/20: The Tavern, Northfield, MN

9/22: The Jive Mill, Rochester, MN

9/23: Omni Brewing: Maple Grove, MN

9/30: DG’s Tap House: Ames IA

10/14: Fitger’s Barrell Room Duluth, MN

10/19: Barley Street Tavern, Omaha, NE

10/23: 7th St Entry (w/ Pigpen Theater co., David Luning)

11/7: 331 Club (Residency), Minneapolis, MN

11/10: Ed's (No Name) Bar, Winona, MN

11/14: 331 Club (Residency), Minneapolis, MN

11/21: 331 Club (Residency), Minneapolis, MN

11/28: 331 Club (Residency), Minneapolis, MN

11/30: The Tavern, Northfield, MN