New album 'Somewhere Ride' available June 30, 2017

We are thrilled to announce that our debut full length, Somewhere Ride, will be officially released on June 30, 2017. FINALLY!

While you'll be able to order a CD, buy a digital download or stream the album in all the normal places, we are holding off on celebrating the release until Thursday, August 3. That night we will be having a special release show for the vinyl edition of the album at Icehouse in Minneapolis. We will be joined by our friend, Ben Lubeck (of Farewell Milwaukee). For more information and to get your pre-sale tickets to that show, Click Here!

In July, Michael will be hitting the road playing some solo shows to support the album. Full calendar TBA. Stay tuned!


Tiny Desk Contest 2017

You may have seen this because I'm way better at posting direct to social media than on this little blog... but here is the official Almighty American submission to the NPR music "Tiny Test Contest for 2017.  

This was recorded live in my basement.  My friend Erik Elstran was behind the camera, Justin Muffett ran the sound, and Sarah Elstran (Who also has a killer music project called The Nunnery) helped make the aesthetic a little more appealing.  Enjoy!

Don't forget, "Songs with Legs vol. 1" is now available through pretty much every digital storefront and streaming service... Keep telling your friends! Keep posting the links!  Follow us on those sites and add us to your playlists!  

Also, stay close because we're going to be announcing some shows here pretty soon, we'd love to see you out there in real life.





Ep on spotify, highlights since release

Man alive. The past couple weeks have been a blur!  Since the new EP came out a couple weeks ago I've been having a lot of fun promoting it and hopefully you've enjoyed listening to it. Quick update regarding availability- you can still download it in the pay-what-you-want format at the Download tab in the menu... but it is also on spotify and iTunes now, if those happen to be your preference for digital music.  

Speaking of Spotify, do us a favor and follow our account there, put us on your playlists, send the link to everyone at your workplace... we're trying to get the word out, here!

Other Highlights from the past couple weeks:

We will be announcing some upcoming spring tour dates... some solo, some full band.  Keep your ear to the ground!  

Once again, thank you for your support so far.  For sending encouraging notes, sharing links and passing along the music, coming out to shows... you're making dreams come true.  






Songs with Legs vol. 1 (Free download, available now!)

New Year, New music.  

This past summer I was chatting with Nate Washburn ("On the Edge" producer) and found out he was going to be visiting Minneapolis from his new home in Atlanta.  We started making plans to get a beer or something and it didn't take long before the conversation turned into one about recording.  

I play a lot of solo shows in addition to playing with the band and I always try and keep that in mind when I'm writing a song- can the tune stand up on it's own with just a guitar and a microphone?  I like to say that the songs that pass that test "have legs." Those are usually the ones that stick around.  I told Nate that I thought it would be fun to record some bare-bones versions of some tunes, so that's what we did.  

I'm glad the conversation went that way because we basically just spent two days hanging out in a house on a lake and recorded these tunes in the living room. We had a lot of fun in the process and I'm happy to share a few of the songs that we finished in that time.  I hope you enjoy "Songs with Legs vol. 1". 

You can get it for free by clicking that "Download tab" in the menu.  Give it a listen and if you dig it, please share it with your friends!   Also, if you are in Minneapolis, we are having a little release party at The Warming House on January 13. Sam Cassidy will be playing the show as well.  If you're interested in attending get your tickets here! 

I would also like to note that my good friend, John Haynes, shot the image for the cover and I couldn't be happier.  You can see more of his work at

Thanks for your support and I look forward to when our paths cross.


A Fairfield Revival

We admit it has been a little too long since the last update... Anyway, last weekend Michael played a really fun solo show down in Winona, MN at Mid West Music Fest, the day after a really fun house show in Minneapolis with our friends in Author, E/Z/R/A, and the fellas in Sea Cycles.

The next few months will be kinda mellow with some local shows (Solo & Full band), as well as some out of town dates, some of which are still in the works... we'll be sure to keep you updated on those are they come up.  Keep an eye on the "shows"  tab here on the site or make sure to LIKE us over on Facebook or FOLLOW us on Instagram, as those are the two outlets we are good at updating.

On to the real reason for this post!  The next big thing on the calendar is show is a show we are playing in a couple weeks up in Fairfield, MN.  Our friends over at Camaraderie Records put together this festival up there called "A Fairfield Revival" and they have asked us to play on Friday, May 13.  For more Information go HERE and for Tickets head HERE!  We are very excited for the chance to play up there and hope you decided to take a day off work and go check out some cool bands!

Solo Show in St. Paul this Tuesday!

Hey Everyone!  Michael is playing a solo show this Tuesday, 1/26, at Bedlam Lowertown in St. Paul, opening for Sister Theda.  Tunes are at 9:00 and there is a $5 cover.  Come on out if you can!

Also, While we have your attention... We have entered ourselves into the "Are You Local?" contest hosted by the Star Tribune here in Minneapolis.  Feel free to go check it out and if you think we make the cut, throw a comment in there to let the judges know!  They pick 16 acts in a couple weeks and then it is an internet popularity/voting thing from there.   HERE IS THE LINK!


Start your New Year with us!

We are happy to be playing 7th Street Entry on January 1, 2016 with Hope Country and MISCH!

CLICK HERE to get your pre sale tickets and we'll see you there! 

In other news, we decided to up our merch game and printed up some t-shirts and baseball tees!  These will be available at the 7th street entry show and online sometime in early January.  Be sure to plan accordingly if you want to support us even more by picking one up at the show.

A Couple Clips From "Monday Night Live"

We played the KVSC 88.1 FM show "Monday Night Live" a little while back and they posted a couple clips from the television broadcast of the show on youtube.  One is an unreleased song called, "Passing Time" and the other is "Blacking out the Friction"- a Death cab for Cutie song Michael sometimes covers at solo gigs.  The night of the broadcast, the fellas came up with a nice arrangement for the song during the sound check for the show and we think it turned out pretty alright!  Enjoy.

Video for "On the Edge"

We played Kathy's Pub in Rochester, MN a little bit ago and had Michael's older, Jonathan, shoot some video of the show.  We've complied it into a little video for the title track from "On the Edge" and it's now available for you to watch and show your grandma.

Speaking of video- we'll be performing live on St. Cloud State University's radio station 88.1FM KVSE this coming Monday (10/19) at 9:00 and you can tune into the show HERE or watch the video stream of the show HERE.  Be sure to tune in!


EP is available! Show is tonight! Life is GREAT!

Holy Cats! The ep is out!  Head over to Bandcamp or Itunes to hear and download the songs!  

Also, if you are in the Twin Cities area tonight, we're playing the Turf club for our release show/party/high-five-fest.   Get the details HERE.  We'd love to see you at the show!

Now for a little house keeping- I called on a lot of friends to help me out with this in some capacity or another and there is a massive list of people to thank- so briefly: Brigette, my parents and siblings, friends, everyone who has ever told me to keep playing, or at least didn't tell me to stop... thank you. 

A few more specific individuals... some of my friends run businesses and do pretty incredible work professionally and all were very helpful in getting this thing out.  You should really take a sec to check out their stuff, because they all to top notch work and i'm humbled that they were willing to help me out on this. There is no way it would have come out this well without them.

  • Nate Washburn (Producer/Engineer/Comedian).  This dude is a real pal who has a pretty incredible talent.  If you want to make a record, he is your dude.
  • Ross Bruggink (Studio MPLS) did the design and ep layout, and created all the elements on this site
  • John Haynes (John Haynes Photo) took the promo photo
  • Brian Durk (Dick & Jane Letterpress) printed CD sleeves 
  • Erik Hamline (Steady Co.) Printed CD inserts and promotional materials
  • Alxndr Jones (Freelance Design) Has made a bunch of posters and lets us practice in his basement.  #1 fan.

THANK YOU!  I hope you enjoy the tunes!


EP Release 6/2 at Turf Club!

Art-a-whirl in Ne Minneapolis (the place a few of us lovingly consider Home) was real good to us this weekend, thanks to everyone who came to see us play!  Here's a picture from Friday Night from our friend Tyler.


In other news, we are very excited to be able to release our new EP, "On the Edge" at the Turf Club in St. Paul.  It is one of our favorite spots to catch and show so we are very glad to be able to play there.   We will be playing 2nd after HANK and before Lizzy Diane (out of Eau Claire).  We would LOVE to see you there!

Tickets are $6 are available for purchase here:



Download it for free!  Send it to your friends! Send it to your Grandma!  Share the love! 

Seriously, we hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to pass it around. 

If you do like it and want to get updates via social media... we're on a few of those things.  Feel free to like/follow and we'll make sure to keep you up to date on the ep release, shows, and probably other unrelated stuff sometimes.  If you into that keep scrolling and click on the buttons!

New ep! New website! Upcoming shows!

Welcome to  Thanks for stopping by!

Its been a busy winter.  We just got the ep mastered and we are very pleased with the results.  It is a literal struggle to not share it with you immediately.  keep your eyes peeled for the single, which will be available very soon.   

The website is still under construction so there will be more things going on here than just a blog.  We just have to iron out a few wrinkles first.  

In the meantime, you can follow our progress and get over at our FACEBOOK.  Feel free to hit that "like" button if you feel inclined.  If you want to catch us live- here is where we'll be.  

Stay tuned!

-Almighty American