EP is available! Show is tonight! Life is GREAT!

Holy Cats! The ep is out!  Head over to Bandcamp or Itunes to hear and download the songs!  

Also, if you are in the Twin Cities area tonight, we're playing the Turf club for our release show/party/high-five-fest.   Get the details HERE.  We'd love to see you at the show!

Now for a little house keeping- I called on a lot of friends to help me out with this in some capacity or another and there is a massive list of people to thank- so briefly: Brigette, my parents and siblings, friends, everyone who has ever told me to keep playing, or at least didn't tell me to stop... thank you. 

A few more specific individuals... some of my friends run businesses and do pretty incredible work professionally and all were very helpful in getting this thing out.  You should really take a sec to check out their stuff, because they all to top notch work and i'm humbled that they were willing to help me out on this. There is no way it would have come out this well without them.

  • Nate Washburn (Producer/Engineer/Comedian).  This dude is a real pal who has a pretty incredible talent.  If you want to make a record, he is your dude.  natepwashburn@gmail.com
  • Ross Bruggink (Studio MPLS) did the design and ep layout, and created all the elements on this site
  • John Haynes (John Haynes Photo) took the promo photo
  • Brian Durk (Dick & Jane Letterpress) printed CD sleeves 
  • Erik Hamline (Steady Co.) Printed CD inserts and promotional materials
  • Alxndr Jones (Freelance Design) Has made a bunch of posters and lets us practice in his basement.  #1 fan.

THANK YOU!  I hope you enjoy the tunes!