Upcoming Shows

We aren't super great at this whole "regular blog posting" thing but here's a little fall update to get you up to speed. 

We had a bunch of fun shows this summer and we're doing our best to keep the momentum rolling.  We have a few dates on the calendar coming up around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and we're working on wrangling some out of town dates, so if you'd like us to play near you, feel free to shoot us a note over at almightyamerican@gmail.com.  

If you are from out of town but still want to catch us live from afar- This news is great for you!  We were asked to be guests on the St. Cloud State radio station (KVSE) show, "Monday Night Live" and you will be able to stream it live as it happens.  Technology is great.  Click on the link below for more info there....    

10/2/15 -  Aster Cafe (Minneapolis, MN) w/ Nolan John

10/19/15 - Monday Night Live at KVSE (St. Cloud, MN).  

11/9/15 - Honey (Minneapolis, MN) w/ Hank and Ben Garrett

In other news, we played a show in Rochester, MN (Andrew and Michael's hometown) and Michael's brother shot a ton of video that night. We've complied it into a little video for the song, "On the Edge" and we'll be releasing that soon.  Keep your eyes peeled!  Until then, here's a little teaser we posted to Instagram last night.    

Poster by Alxndr Jones

Mark your calendars- we'd love to see you!