A Fairfield Revival

We admit it has been a little too long since the last update... Anyway, last weekend Michael played a really fun solo show down in Winona, MN at Mid West Music Fest, the day after a really fun house show in Minneapolis with our friends in Author, E/Z/R/A, and the fellas in Sea Cycles.

The next few months will be kinda mellow with some local shows (Solo & Full band), as well as some out of town dates, some of which are still in the works... we'll be sure to keep you updated on those are they come up.  Keep an eye on the "shows"  tab here on the site or make sure to LIKE us over on Facebook or FOLLOW us on Instagram, as those are the two outlets we are good at updating.

On to the real reason for this post!  The next big thing on the calendar is show is a show we are playing in a couple weeks up in Fairfield, MN.  Our friends over at Camaraderie Records put together this festival up there called "A Fairfield Revival" and they have asked us to play on Friday, May 13.  For more Information go HERE and for Tickets head HERE!  We are very excited for the chance to play up there and hope you decided to take a day off work and go check out some cool bands!