Ep on spotify, highlights since release

Man alive. The past couple weeks have been a blur!  Since the new EP came out a couple weeks ago I've been having a lot of fun promoting it and hopefully you've enjoyed listening to it. Quick update regarding availability- you can still download it in the pay-what-you-want format at the Download tab in the menu... but it is also on spotify and iTunes now, if those happen to be your preference for digital music.  

Speaking of Spotify, do us a favor and follow our account there, put us on your playlists, send the link to everyone at your workplace... we're trying to get the word out, here!

Other Highlights from the past couple weeks:

We will be announcing some upcoming spring tour dates... some solo, some full band.  Keep your ear to the ground!  

Once again, thank you for your support so far.  For sending encouraging notes, sharing links and passing along the music, coming out to shows... you're making dreams come true.