Songs with Legs vol. 1 (Free download, available now!)

New Year, New music.  

This past summer I was chatting with Nate Washburn ("On the Edge" producer) and found out he was going to be visiting Minneapolis from his new home in Atlanta.  We started making plans to get a beer or something and it didn't take long before the conversation turned into one about recording.  

I play a lot of solo shows in addition to playing with the band and I always try and keep that in mind when I'm writing a song- can the tune stand up on it's own with just a guitar and a microphone?  I like to say that the songs that pass that test "have legs." Those are usually the ones that stick around.  I told Nate that I thought it would be fun to record some bare-bones versions of some tunes, so that's what we did.  

I'm glad the conversation went that way because we basically just spent two days hanging out in a house on a lake and recorded these tunes in the living room. We had a lot of fun in the process and I'm happy to share a few of the songs that we finished in that time.  I hope you enjoy "Songs with Legs vol. 1". 

You can get it for free by clicking that "Download tab" in the menu.  Give it a listen and if you dig it, please share it with your friends!   Also, if you are in Minneapolis, we are having a little release party at The Warming House on January 13. Sam Cassidy will be playing the show as well.  If you're interested in attending get your tickets here! 

I would also like to note that my good friend, John Haynes, shot the image for the cover and I couldn't be happier.  You can see more of his work at

Thanks for your support and I look forward to when our paths cross.